We Are IA Makers Emporium

We Are IA Makers Emporium

As you may know, our incoming post for accepting ex inflatables has been paused for quite a long time due to us being at absolute MAX storage capacity!

We would really love to hear from creatives, set builders, tv and film teams, prop designers, makers etc who may be interested in working with our salvaged inflatables...

My idea is this...

We will supply you with a box of your chosen coloured / patterned inflatables by weight [according to what best suits your project]

Once you have made your creations, we will then market them and / or sell them on our soon to launch makers emporium, including you in our newsletter and socials

This will be very carefully curated to make sure that everyone has a fair chance and we're hoping it may lead some people to perhaps opening or growing their existing businesses with a new fabric!

If you would like more information about this project, you can get in contact via our contact form here or send an email to popped@inflatableamnesty.com the sooner the better as we're hoping to have the emporium up and running before Christmas!


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