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inflatable amnesty

3 Way XL Pocket Tote

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The 3 Way Pocket Tote.. is exactly that!

It can be worn as an over the shoulder bag, or with the shorter side straps as an oversized tote!

With inner and outer square pockets, we have left the opening, well... open!

Nice and wide, no zip, so perfect as a beach, gym or swim bag...

All the bags in this collection, are made from the salvaged inflatables and beach toys we have rescued as part of our Inflatable Amnesty® in an effort to divert as many as possible from landfill

Each product is entirely unique

We let the shape of the item and the areas of damage, dictate the shape, in order to use as much of the piece as possible and generate as little, if any, waste as we can

*PLEASE NOTE: Inflatable Amnesty® bags, home and spaces edit and accessories are NOT to be used as flotation devices. keep away from naked flame**

DIMENSIONS: W: 31cm H: 33cm [not including shoulder strap]