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Airbed / Oversized Pocket XL Tote

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Ahhhhhhh! The trusty 'get me out for camping or Christmas' airbed mattress...

Maybe lasts for a couple of sleeps [if you're lucky and not accidentally camping on any kind of rough terrain!]

But then what? 

Well, thats what WE thought, so we starting accepting them into our workshop as part of our Inflatable Amnesty®, so people wouldn't have to send them to landfill...

This is the first style we made from them! In fact, what's interesting, is that you can fit a rolled up single airbed [deflated- obviously!] INSIDE one of these XL totes?!

Who knew?!

These are spacious! Plus the inside is not only strengthened using our secret combination of salvaged fabrics, but its totally wipe clean and waterproof too!

Now with OVERSIZED front pocket

You can fit wetsuits in there, towels, bottles... you name it!

Then when you get home, tip it all out, give it a wipe and Bobs your mums brother [who will probably be wondering what happened to his airbed the next time he comes to stay!]

Dimensions: W: 45cm H: 63cm [top of shoulder strap to base] D: 15cm

A little note about us

We process, wash, hand cut and hand sew every, single bag, from salvaged fabric, right here in our workshop, in Newchurch on the Isle of Wight, UK

We don’t outsource any of the processes- not one!

We are an accredited living wage employer

That means that ALL of our staff, without exception, are paid the national living wage, or above

In addition, we offer a lifetime repairs and end of life policy

That means, if your bag breaks, we’ll fix it!

We just ask that you pay the postage to get it here and back, we’ll take care of the rest!

We take responsibility for the items we create and keep them in the circular loop for as long as we possibly can!