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Inflatable Amnesty

Airbed Zip Pouch

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Unexpected 'popper-inners' come to visit...

You have a few beers and before you know it, they're staying the night and you're frantically pumping up your battered old inflatable airbed...

The next morning, your visitors are hobbling down the stairs, cos it deflated underneath them in the night... am i right?!

Yeah, but THEN what?

Well, then you send them to our Inflatable Amnesty® and we turn them into hard wearing rucksacks and other shizzle!

The cool thing about the airbed fabric, apart from the fact its pretty tough [ironic, considering its enormously high deflation rate]  is that it has an amazing flocked 1970's feel on one side... GrrrOOOOOOVyyy!

** please note: all sizes are approximate, some of these little guys may end up bigger, some smaller... they are all about reducing waste, so we make that our priority....**

dimensions : H: 20 W: 25 cm [approx]