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Inflatable Amnesty

One Piece Drop / Fools Gold [very limited edition]

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The products in this collection are all made from the same massive inflatable, with the goal to generate as little [if any!] waste as possible...

This piece was an enormous gold inflatable seahorse!


Extra Depth XL Tote: H: 63cm [top of shoulder strap to base] W: 45cm D: 15cm

Mini Coin Pouch:  H: 9cm W: 13cm

Tote: W: 31cm H: 33cm [not including shoulder strap]

Large Zip Pouch: H: 21cm W: 24 cm  

Stand Up Wash Bag: H: 17cm W: 32cm D:10cm

Mini Shopper Tote: H: 30cm W: 36cm D: 12cm

10L Rolltop Rucksack: H [rolled] 48cm W: 30cm H [unrolled] 57cm

Backpack: H: 34cm W: 24cm D: 10cm

Zip String Pouch H: 14cm W: 26cm

Holdall: H: 16cm W: 16cm L: 56cm