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Inflatable Amnesty

Water Wings XL Tote

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One of the challenges we have with some of the smaller items we receive into our Inflatable Amnesty, is how to generate as little waste as possible and not always go for the obvious 'pocket' option...

In this brand new water wings edit, we've made those smaller items, into larger fabrics...

We hope you like them, as usual, this is not a solution, just a swerve, until something more sustainable comes along, to help with the problem of these being sent to landfill, where they will take hundreds of years to decompose- if at all!

Featuring a 'no fumble' inner slide pocket,  wide stand up base and opening [no zip]

*PLEASE NOTE: these bags and accessories are NOT to be used as flotation devices and are not intended for use as toys. keep away from naked flame*

dimensions: W: 45cm H: 63cm [top of shoulder strap to base] D: 15cm