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Inflatable Amnesty

Paddling Pool XL Tote

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As part of our Inflatable Amnesty® we have received a LOT of what the smallest Wyatt calls 'classic' [because we receive so many!] blue and white paddling pools..

Recently, due to the UK lockdown, we've had such an enormous influx as people are clearing out their garages, shed and lofts

We hope you like them, as usual, this is not a solution, just a swerve, until something more sustainable comes along, to help with the problem of these being sent to landfill, where they will take hundreds of years to decompose- if at all!

Featuring a 'no fumble' inner slide pocket, super tough chunky zip and wide stand up base or a nice wide opening [no zip] with wider 40mm webbing shoulder straps

*PLEASE NOTE: these bags and accessories are NOT to be used as flotation devices and are not intended for use as toys. keep away from naked flame*

dimensions: W: 45cm H: 63cm [top of shoulder strap to base] D: 15cm