Corporate Promo Banners

Corporate Promo Banners

We get asked quite a lot if we accept event and promo banners in for recycling...

Well, at the moment [as you may know] we're at absolute maximum storage capacity for inflatables and pretty much everything else!

HOWEVER we can accept promo banners, if they're making their way back to the original source in the form of bags!

Over the years, we have found this to be not only an effective way of keeping these plastic based items out of landfill, but also a way of getting companies to think about their marketing and promotional materials, plus go a little way towards taking responsibility for them after their original use.

Obviously I should reiterate that the preferred outcome, would be to not use these materials at all.

If in the meantime, you work for a company that is looking for ways to repurpose these items, or there are some left kicking about from previous events, please do get in contact by emailing and we will work with you to try and find a solution


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