Inflatable Amnesty X HomeTree Charity

Inflatable Amnesty X HomeTree Charity

As you may know, we have been supporting Ecologi through the sale of our bags for quite a while now...

Whilst we employ as many sustainable practices as possible and in addition try to keep our bags out of landfill and in the circular loop for as long as possible, [by employing our end of life and repairs policies] we can never make the salvaged fabrics we use regenerative.

Because of this, we want to support as many important rewilding and regenerative processes and programmes as possible and the most helpful way we can do this, is by donating some money to support these programmes and initiatives, through the sales of our bags and accessories.

After lots of research, we have decided to help support HomeTree Charity.



Here's more about them [in their own words]

"HomeTree are a not-for-profit nature restoration charity based in the west of Ireland. Our work is to establish and conserve permanent native woodland in Ireland through restoration, afforestation and education.

We are governed by the charity regulator and our work is overseen by an
independent board (RCN 20206254).

HomeTree began in a small community garden project in the winter of 2014, where we saw how important it was for people to connect with nature. Now quite a few years on, Hometree has planted hundreds of thousand native Irish trees - like scots pine, willow, birch and alder - while hundreds of people have contributed time and resources to the vision of incorporating more
trees into the Irish landscape, bringing all the benefits that woodlands create.
What began as a tree planting charity is now a project which connects people with nature, and facilitates a variety of projects that are fundamental to addressing both Ireland’s declining biodiversity and the unfolding climate challenge"

tree planting hometree ireland

HomeTree Projects Include:

The Wild Atlantic Rainforest Project
Illaun Restoration Site
Avoca Site
Establishing Organic Tree Nursery 


Click here to learn more about their important work and thankyou for your continued support

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