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Inflatable Amnesty

We Are IA Donate

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At the time of writing this [10th April 2024] our incoming inflatable postage service is currently paused, as our storage is at maximum capacity

This was and IS a much much more needed service than we had ever imagined and Steve and I are both very very keen to get the incoming postage service back up and running again as soon as possible

In order to do this, we need to raise an initial amount of £5000 to clear and sort our current storage solution and situation

At £5000 we can reopen the incoming service and allow people to begin slowly sending various inflatable items again, in a considered way

Anything above £10,000 means we can start to reopen our Inflatable Amnesty collection points in and around the UK

Every single penny counts in a huge way and brings us one step closer to achieving our goal of seeing no inflatable or bouncy castle ever sent to landfill!