No Climate Clique // Inclusive Conversations about Sustainability

No Climate Clique // Inclusive Conversations about Sustainability

Anniversaries are odd things

Birthdays are often celebrated, as are the length of time you remain married to someone [or the amount of time passed since a marriage has ended] death, birth... the list goes on

This week marked the anniversary of the death of the first business I started.

It's been a rollercoaster of a year, with the obvious ups and downs, but one surprising element has been how I have been treated by other members of relatively newly formed communities, proclaiming 'sustainability' at their core...

In addition to being incredibly upsetting and hurtful [as any deliberate ostracising would be, to anyone] I've also found it confusing

Whilst it's *obviously* absolutely amazing [and essential] that the global sustainability movement is growing, two things still remain a cause of relative concern to me

Firstly, is the ongoing assumption that sustainability and ethics are the same thing...

Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Of course it would be entirely natural to assume that these things go hand in hand and that folks who are genuinely concerned about the environment, would also conduct their business [both professional and personal] in an ethical way and treat people both kindly and fairly

The rapid increase in awareness of sustainability has brought with it the increased awareness that the word sustainability and/ or sustainable products can also be used to sell large volumes of product and promote ongoing over consumption. It also seems to have attracted a worrying amount of 'cliques'

We know [or perhaps I shouldn't assume that 'we know' perhaps lots of people don't in fact already know] that the most sustainable anything you can have, is the one you already own....

As in, if you already own something that serves its purpose or succeeds in fulfilling its need to you, there is really no need to buy another one

The production of wind turbines, solar panels and electric cars all bring with them their own environmental impact and not always in a positive way... and I think this is part of my current consideration.

I would like to open up this information and promote friendly conversations surrounding sustainability, to people that may feel they don't have a welcome place to be or a part to play in this movement or these conversations.

Or perhaps don't feel comfortable being part of a clique.

After experiencing the pain and loss of my previous business, I began to start conversations [and participate in ongoing conversations] surrounding the need for people to be able to ask questions, without feeling that those questions are in any way 'silly' or not valid... I was told that I should consider i 'speak too much' for writing in defence of these people, when I questioned the need for 'experts' in a space I feel should be welcoming, inclusive and non hierarchical?

I can't tell you the profound impact that comment had on me.

Firstly, I cried. I had already been through a lot and was only just beginning to find my feet again, after a few months of being completely out of action.

Secondly I was amazed and disappointed in equal measure.

I had read this persons book. I couldn't believe the response to be honest.

It confirmed to me, the need for a space for people to talk about their fears and anxieties for the climate and ask any questions they may have, without feeling that they are late to some kind of 'cool' or 'exclusive' party.

Listen, we're in deep deep shit here.

I think we all do know this, its just the extent of the knowledge that varies

If you have specific questions surrounding the climate crisis or ways in which you can be involved, or connect to other folk, lets continue an upbeat, friendly conversation over on threads [@weare_ia]

Alternatively, if you would prefer answers in a private forum, feel free to email and I will do my very best to either use the knowledge and lived experience I have in this area, or consult [a pretty wide and diverse] network of people to try and help you get the answers you're after...

I'm also going to include bite sized info and introductions to some of the newest conversations and thought leaders within sustainable fashion right now, in the Inflatable Amnesty newsletter, you can subscribe here

If you feel you would like to have your voice heard in this area and/or have something to say in a particularly niche area of sustainability, please give me a shout at

One of the very most important things we can all do right now in terms of sustainability and a sustainable future, is build community.

The old [and unfortunately also current] systems of capitalism and competition are absolutely broken. Repeating them is absolutely not the answer.

We need to work together and provide welcome for everyone, whatever stage of their journey they may be at.

No Climate Clique.

Thank you for reading x

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