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Paddling Pool 10L Rolltop Rucksack

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Sorry, your rucksacks made from a WHAT??!

A PADDLING POOL! Yep! [Im sure there should be some kind of 'make a splash' pun here, but I'll spare you the cringe!]

That seems to be one of the things our customers like best- they can tell the story of what their bag used to be...

The other thing that comes as a surprise [apart from how TOUGH they are] is how soft the paddling pools are, so they sit really nicely along your back, as well as keeping out those pesky raindrops!

We've heard tales of picnic lunches being carried, wellies being stored and jumpers being squashed right in, the roll over top is also an excellent place to secure a rolled blanket- excellent for festivals!

features-Water resistant exterior made from paddling pools salvaged as part of our Inflatable Amnesty®-Extendable roll top closure to adjust capacity-Fully adjustable shoulder straps- Side bar quick release clasp front fastening- 25mm tough webbing top handle strap- Full Zip Closure- Large inner slide  pocket 


H: 62cm [fully extended] 45cm [rolled] W: 35cm

A little note about us

We process, wash, hand cut and hand sew every, single bag, from salvaged fabric, right here in our workshop, in Newchurch on the Isle of Wight, UK

We don’t outsource any of the processes- not one!

We are an accredited living wage employer

That means that ALL of our staff, without exception, are paid the national living wage, or above

In addition, we offer a lifetime repairs and end of life policy

That means, if your bag breaks, we’ll fix it!

We just ask that you pay the postage to get it here and back, we’ll take care of the rest!

We take responsibility for the items we create and keep them in the circular loop for as long as we possibly can!