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Airbed Zip Tote

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If you're bag isn't flocked as well as swerved from landfill, you have to ask what you're actually doing with your life?!

We were gonna call these the 'lurkers' but it sounds a bit seedy... you know what we mean though? We ALL have an airbed or inflatable mattress, LURKING somewhere...

Thats why, we we started our Inflatable Amnesty® we had such a MASSIVE influx of them.

We had no idea they came in so many amazing colours! [Look out for those popping up every now and then in bag form, they're pretty rare!]

features: an inner slide pocket, so no more phone- fumbling! super tough 25mm webbing straps, inner slide pocket, zero waste labelling, plus reuseable key ring zip pull that explains what your bag was- before it became a bag!]

We hope you like them, as usual, this is not a solution, just a swerve, until something more sustainable comes along, to help with the problem of these being sent to landfill, where they will take hundreds of years to decompose- if at all!


W: 31cm H: 33cm [approx]