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Inflatable Amnesty

Fulham Broadway Folded Clutch

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Made as part of our collaboration with West London waste, the Fulham Broadway Oversize Folded Clutch is made from textile combinations, engineered from misprinted plastic travel card holders and salvaged beach inflatables

Let's face it, when does a *normal* sized clutch have all the room you really need for essentials? [this size even fits my macbook!]

Each clutch is completely unique and individually hand stitched in line with our ethos of small considered production, here on the Isle of Wight

Pictures show front and back in sequence.

Each Fulham Broadway Folded Clutch swerves 14.5 travel card wallets and 316g of inflatables from landfill

Features & Dimensions:

W: 34cm H: 25cm [folded] 36cm [full height] D: 1cm