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Inflatable Amnesty

Medium Zip Pouch

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Our multi colourful ex Inflatable Pouches, are made from the offcuts generated during the process of our bag cutting, in our constant quest to generate as little waste as possible

Offcuts.. of offcuts... of offcuts!! WOoOP!

Large enough to hold a phone, keys, card and cash and in our usual mish mash of colour combinations, with a contrasting colour zip!

Plus, they may be little but they are TOUGH... AND water resistant!

The back of the pouch is made from ex- bouncy castle, or defunct inflatable in a contrasting colour, and has our trademark labelling within the back seam

** please note: all sizes are approximate, some of these little guys may end up bigger, some smaller... they are all about reducing waste, so we make that our priority....**

DIMENSIONS: [VERY approx] medium: W: 15-20cm H: 12-18cm