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Inflatable Amnesty

Sacrilege XL Tote

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 Sacrilege was designed for the 2012 olympics, by Turner Prize winning artist Jeremy Deller and commissioned by the mayor of Londons office.

A life sized inflatable stone henge, it toured the world until its seams began to break and it was decommissioned- then it arrived with us and swerved from landfill!

For the full story of how it came to rest in our hands, have a look at the blog here

All the pieces in this collection are made from the original 2012 piece, each one is completely unique, numbered and features a tour label designed by Deller

*PLEASE NOTE: these bags and accessories are NOT to be used as flotation devices and are not intended for use as toys. keep away from naked flame*

dimensions: W: 45cm H: 63cm [top of shoulder strap to base] D: 15cm

open wide / no zip and zipped options - please check variant / patterns may vary